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Did you know that many organized sports require players to have mouth guards? It’s true, and for good reason of course. Mouth guards, also called mouth protectors, help cushion and protect the face, mouth and teeth from severe damage sometimes caused by playing sports.

Did you also know you can choose what type of mouth guard you would like? There are three different types of mouth guards, each offering some level of protection for your mouth. And if you are considering a mouth guard, you may want to know a thing or two about each of them right? We would like to think so. Here’s an in-depth look to the three types of mouth guards:

1. Boil and Bite

Boil and bite mouth guards are what you would typically see in a sporting goods store or local drugstore. They are first softened in boiling water and inserted into your mouth where it will form to the shape of your mouth and teeth.

2. Stock

A stock mouth guard is generally the least expensive that may give the least amount of protection. Stock mouth guards come pre-formed, ready to wear. Meaning they are less-likely to fit and form to your mouth. They also can make breathing and talking difficult to do, making them less-recommended by dentists.

3. Custom-fitted

Custom-fitted mouth guards are personally made by your dentist. They tend to be more expensive than the other versions, but offer the best fit, comfort and protection for your mouth because they are customized.

And no matter what you decide, it is important to keep your mouth guard clean. Be sure to rinse before and after each use with cold water or mouthwash. Store your mouth guard in a sturdy, ventilated container. And remember, chewing on or altering the mouth guard may affect the fit and cause possible damage, so we would recommend not doing it.

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