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What have you heard of about wisdom teeth? Are you aware of their other name? Do you have any? Find out all about wisdom teeth by reading over this post we’ve put together, and note any extra inquiries you have concerning wisdom teeth and ask them on your next visit in our office.

Wisdom teeth, also called third molars, are any of the four third molars placed in an adult set of chompers. Wisdom teeth are the last pearly whites in the dental arches, and some people don’t have all four or any of the wisdom teeth develop in their oral cavity. In unlikely cases, an individual can advance more than four wisdom teeth. Because wisdom teeth can become stuck under the gum tissue, they aren’t always noticeable, and people with them might not realize they have them; it may take a practitioner to identify whether or not you have wisdom teeth. If you do have wisdom teeth and they are hurting you, your dentist might suggest pulling them.

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