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If you have recently received a dental filling and seem to suffer unusual tooth sensitivity, your dilemma is one that is quite common. Typically, tooth sensitivity after a dental filling subsides within a few weeks, and you may only experience temporary pain when consuming hot or cold foods and drinks, or if you inhale cold air through your mouth. Biting down on the filled tooth could also temporarily hurt.

If your tooth sensitivity is severe or persists longer than just a couple weeks, notify Carp Dental. Our dentists and team want to help you manage any tooth sensitivity following a dental filling procedure. Our dentists can dress the tooth with a desensitizing material or help you select a desensitizing toothpaste to help fortify the tooth.

If you experience dental pain when biting down on the tooth, we may need to alter the shape of the dental filling so that it fits the bite more effectively.

Tooth sensitivity could also be the result of a gold crown touching a silver dental filling, but your teeth should adjust over time. Neighboring teeth can also experience some discomfort for a couple weeks if the treated tooth is emitting pain signals that are picked up by the other teeth, though this should improve relatively soon.

If the dental filling was used to replace tooth decay that was a close proximity to the pulp of the tooth and there is unhealthy surrounding tissue, we may need to perform root canal treatment to remove this tissue.

Most situations of tooth sensitivity after a dental filling placement resolve themselves, but if your discomfort continues to persists or if you have questions for our dentists, we invite you to reach out to us at 610-275-1565 today to schedule an appointment for tooth sensitivity treatment in Norristown, Pennsylvania.