Your New Partial Needs Daily Care to Maintain a Comfortable Fit

The partial custom-crafted for you at Dr. Brian Carp’s Norristown, Pennsylvania, dental office was designed to replace the function of your missing teeth. It was intended to lock firmly with the underlying gum structure and locking hardware to hold it into place. Providing the partial with daily care and cleaning measures, as well as maintaining good oral hygiene, will ensure... read more »

Your New Partial Requires Routine Care and Cleaning

Your new partial is designed to restore the full function and appearance of multiple missing teeth in one part of your mouth. While it is invulnerable to the effects of tooth decay, your partial will still require some routine care and cleaning, each day. Many people with a partial like to use denture adhesive for added hold. This has the... read more »

Taking Care of Your Dentures

Adjusting to anything new in life can be challenging. Dentures are the same way. When it comes to caring for your dentures it’s important to keep them clean and cared for properly so the lifespan of your dentures is not cut short. Luckily, it’s not difficult to care for dentures. Much like your regular teeth, dentures will need cared for... read more »