Monica Fahy
Monica Fahy- Office Manager/Expanded Function Dental Assistant
Monica has been in the dental field for 9 years. She loves making patients feel welcomed and comfortable. In her spare times she enjoys working on her house with her husband and taking her Golden Retriever on hikes.


Jennifer Shoemaker
Jennifer Shoemaker – Expanded Functions Dental Assistant
Jennifer has been with our practice for 31 years. She enjoys being a team player and creating a relaxed, fun environment for the patients. She also loves the people she works with—both her coworkers and patients—and enjoys going to the beach and having game nights with her family and friends.


Geri Gutheridge
Geralyn Guthridge – Expanded Functions Dental Assistant
Geralyn has been assisting dentists for 36 years and has been at Carp Dental for 15 years. She is very up to date with technology, cares deeply for her patients, and tries to be a team player. Geralyn is married with three children.


Laurie Peden
Laurie Peden – Dental Assistant
Laurie has been a dental assistant at Carp Dental for fourteen years.


Sveni Patel – Dental Hygienist
Sveni loves working at Carp Dental because of the amazing people who surround her. She loves every one of her coworkers and each patient who comes into the office. Sveni loves working hand-in-hand with her patients and fellow coworkers, and she does her best by being a team player and helping doctors with assisting during down time. She have been working here for approximately two and a half years and loves what she does.

Sveni previously graduated from MONTCO in 2010 and loves traveling, hiking, trying different foods, and experiencing a variety of cultures. She has one younger brother, and her parents currently live in India.


Talia Zenko – Dental Hygienist
Talia is a team player who loves sharing her knowledge with patients and staff members. She has been with our practice for two years and previously graduated from both Penn State and the Community College of Philadelphia. She loves working in a fun, comfortable, and professional environment that she can share with her patients.

Talia was recently married to her long-time love, Jeffrey Zenko, and enjoys teaching dance classes.


Teresa Marsh
Teresa Marsh – Dental Hygienist
Teresa has been with our team for 34 years and loves to help our staff and patients by being a team player. Her favorite part about her job is the pleasant work environment she operates in.


Javier Reluz – Dental Laboratory Technician
Javier has been the dental laboratory technician for 16 years and graduated from Edinboro University of Pennsylvania.


Hope Ferrebee
Hope Ferrebee – Business Manager
Hope appreciates the type of work environment that she is surrounded by because she is constantly growing and learning from it. She is currently finishing her degree in healthcare management. When she is not at work, she loves to explore and try new foods, play soccer with her friends, and watch Philadelphia sports teams.


Mesa Ross
Mesa Ross- Business Assistant
Mesa was born in Trinidad and Tobago. She enjoys city lifestyle, from the large crowds, to the busy streets, and exciting nights. She is passionate about her job, and loves to see her patients and make sure they get the care they need. She has a 6 year old daughter who is a disney princess at heart.


Melissa Wallo
Melissa Wallo – Business Assistant
Melissa is the newest addition to our practice. Her bubbly personality greets you as you wak in the door. In her spare time, she enjoys trying new and exciting things. She also loves to try different snacks and spending time with her family and cat.


Anita Homolya
Anita Homolya – Treatment Coordinator
Anita loves getting to know her patients and helping in various departments of the office. She spends her free time with her two dogs, two cats, and giant tortoise. She has a passion for cooking and watching Netflix.