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Did you know what your child eats impacts the health of their smile? Well, it’s true! This is why it’s important to help your child keep up on oral hygiene, visit Dr. Brian Carp regularly, and have a balanced and healthy diet. To help you provide a smile-healthy diet, we have some tips about how to pack a tooth-healthy lunch for your child!

First, stay away from putting applesauce in the lunchbox. This is recommended because applesauce is loaded with sugars that can harm the teeth. Instead of applesauce, give your child cottage cheese with mixed-in fruit to add flavor.

Second, avoid packing artificial fruits. Many people think fruit snacks and fruit leathers are a good substitute for fruit, but that is not the case. They can stick to the teeth for long periods of time and promote tooth decay. It’s better to pack real fruits like bananas, apples, oranges, strawberries, and grapes in your child’s lunch.

Third, pack plain milk. Milk is full of calcium. This is beneficial because it can help your child’s smile remain healthy and strong. So, don’t forget to give your child plain milk for lunch—not flavored milk. Strawberry and chocolate milk have added sugar that can threaten your child’s smile.

To learn more about how to help your child have a balanced and healthy diet in Norristown, Pennsylvania, please call Carp Dental at 610-275-1565 at your earliest convenience. Our dental team will be excited to give you the tips and information you need so you can help your child grow into the strong and healthy smile they deserve!