We offer osseous surgery in Norristown, Pennsylvania, to help those who have pockets caused by gum disease that have not responded to other treatments. This process is known to be one of the most effective surgical treatments for periodontal disease; in this treatment, we gain access to the diseased area, clean the infection and bacteria, and reduce the amount of pockets forming. The following steps are involved in the procedure:

  • Your dentist at Carp Dental will inject local anesthesia into the infected area, which will make the area numb.
  • Dr. Carp, Dr. Yu, or Dr. Goldwater will make a small cut into the gum tissue and lift the gums away from the tooth and underlying bone.
  • We will use a dental instrument to fully clean the area.
  • Once the area is cleaned, the uneven surface of the bone is smoothed, which will help the mouth heal completely.
  • The gums are then reshaped and trimmed to match the new adjustment. The tissues are stitched into place, which will hold the gums steady and allow them to heal.

Do you have any questions about osseous surgery? Call our office today and we will help you better understand the treatment!