Our dentists provide extraction for wisdom teeth in Norristown, Pennsylvania, to solve a current problem or prevent future problems. There are many things that can happen if you choose not to remove your wisdom teeth. These complications include the following:

  • One or more of your wisdom teeth can grow into your mouth in an odd position, including the top of the tooth facing forward, backward, or to the side.
  • You might not have a large enough jaw to hold all of your teeth, which can cause the wisdom teeth to become impacted and unable to break through your gums.
  • You can develop infections in your gums if your wisdom teeth break halfway through the gums. This causes a flap of the tissue to grow over them and allows germs and bacteria to get trapped under the skin. This makes your gums red, swollen, and painful.
  • Other complications can become apparent from impacted teeth, including infection, damage to the surrounding teeth and bone, or a developing cyst.

Wisdom teeth removal will include Dr. Carp, Dr. Yu, and Dr. Goldwater numbing your mouth with a local anesthetic. You also might be given a sedative to help you relax and possibly sleep throughout the procedure. For more information on wisdom teeth removal at Carp Dental, call us today!