If you are looking for a treatment that strengthens your teeth and gives you the minerals you need, fluoride is what you are looking for! We provide professional fluoride treatment at Carp Dental to ensure your teeth stay strong and free from decay.

Dr. Carp, Dr. Yu, and Dr. Goldwater know that fluoride is something you need in order to have strong oral health, which is why we provide it at every cleaning you attend. This natural mineral strengthens your teeth and prevents any tooth decay. There are many ways the fluoride treatment may be provided, including a gel form, foam, or varnish. The gel and foam can be applied directly through a tray that is shaped like a mouth guard. This tray is left in your mouth for a few minutes to let the minerals soak into the teeth. A varnish can be applied by your dentist or hygienist by simply painting it onto your teeth, especially on the direct spots that seem as though they need the most work. We offer different flavors of fluoride in Norristown, Pennsylvania, to allow you to enjoy the experience more and keep you from feeling sick or restricted.

For more information on fluoride and our other tooth-strengthening treatments, call our office today and talk to your dentist!