We offer dental fillings to treat cavities you have or to repair any cracked or broken teeth. There are many different types of fillings, including gold, silver amalgam, and tooth-colored composites, and we suggest you talk to Drs. Carp, Yu, and Goldwater to see which type of dental filling in Norristown, Pennsylvania, is the most beneficial for you.

To place a filling, your dentist will numb your mouth with an anesthetic. We will then drill a hole into your tooth and remove the decayed section. This can also be done with a laser. Our team will make sure the entire tooth is cleaned by removing bacteria and debris. Once the tooth is cleaned, your dentist will insert the filling to seal the hole. There are different processes to each type of filling, and some might be installed one layer at a time and activated by a light that hardens the material.

If you keep up with the regular practice of brushing and flossing your teeth every day, your filling will stay strong and secure. Our dental team at Carp Dental also suggests going to your regular checkups every six months and making sure to use fluoride toothpaste on a regular basis.

For more information on the types of fillings we provide, call our office today!