Do you have a tooth that ruins your otherwise wonderful smile by being chipped, broken, or having an odd shape? If so, our team at Carp Dental is here to help!

We offer tooth bonding in Norristown, Pennsylvania, to make the changes you need to have a perfect smile. This treatment has the potential to fix chips, cracks, discoloring, and unwanted spaces between teeth. We can also use bonding to repair decayed teeth, make the teeth look longer, change the shape of the teeth, protect an exposed portion of the tooth’s root, and make any other cosmetic alterations.

The bonding process Dr. Carp, Dr. Yu, and Dr. Goldwater use is not painful and does not generally need anesthetics, unless it is used to repair a decayed tooth. You will choose the color of bonding you would like and your dentist will then gently roughen your tooth and add a conditioning liquid. This helps the bonding stay in place and last longer. We then apply the tooth-colored bonding material, mold it, and smooth it over to the desired shape. We next use an ultraviolet light or laser to harden the material. After it is hardened, your dentist will continue to trim and shape the bonding until it is the perfect color, shape, and size.

Are you interested in using dental bonding to correct or fix a tooth? Call our office today and see if this process is something you can benefit from!