Your New Partial Needs Daily Care to Maintain a Comfortable Fit

The partial custom-crafted for you at Dr. ’s , , dental office was designed to replace the function of your missing teeth. It was intended to lock firmly with the underlying gum structure and locking hardware to hold it into place. Providing the partial with daily care and cleaning measures, as well as maintaining good… Read more »

Care for Your New Dental Crown

A dental crown has been placed on a tooth by Drs. Carp, Oh, and Yu to protect it and restore it to its former shape, size, and strength. But now what? How do you care for your crown, and thus maintain your oral health? After having a dental crown placed, as at any other time,… Read more »

Ways to Treat Sensitive Teeth

Tooth sensitivity can be annoying, especially when you can’t eat your favorite ice cream or drink coffee. It’s a fairly common issue that takes hold in many smiles in the world. The causes include things like tooth decay, worn fillings, gum disease, fractured teeth, worn tooth enamel, and exposed tooth roots. Because there are so… Read more »

Prescription Fluoride Supplements Can Help Maintain Strong Tooth Enamel

If you were to look at your teeth through a strong microscope, you would see a porous surface made from dense mineral crystals. Acidic foods and beverages and inadequate oral hygiene practices can deplete the density of these mineral structures. This is even more likely to be an issue if you don’t have fluoridated water… Read more »

Fix Damaged Teeth With Dental Crowns

Dental crowns, also commonly referred to as dental caps, are used to fix damaged teeth and provide a comfortable fit that protects, and an aesthetic beauty that shines. Crowns are designed to cover damaged teeth and remain permanently affixed to the teeth unless removed by a dentist. Our team of expert dentists at specializes in… Read more »

What to Do to Keep Cavities at Bay During the Holidays

The holidays are a wonderful time of year filled with family, friends, and lots and lots of sugary treats. While these treats may taste good, they can be harmful and damaging to your teeth and gums. So what can you do to keep your mouth healthy during the holidays? First, you should be choosy about… Read more »

Tooth Squeeze: The Dental Issue You Didn’t See Coming

Did you know high and low altitudes can affect more than just your ears? Well, it’s true! It can affect your teeth as well. This phenomenon is called tooth squeeze, also known as barodontalgia, and it usually occurs when you’re scuba diving, flying on a plane or other aircraft, diving in a submarine, climbing a… Read more »

Benefits of Dental Implants vs. Bridges and Dentures

Although bridges and dentures are still used for many dental procedures, dental implants are quickly becoming the most reliable form of dental replacement for individuals. For example: – Dental implants are able to withstand the rigors of life and last as long as you do. Conversely, dental bridges typically only last less than ten years… Read more »

What You Should Know About Tooth Anatomy

You probably understand that if you’re interested in protecting the health of your mouth, you need to keep your teeth strong. Similarly, protecting your teeth is extremely important if you’d like to keep your body healthy. Still, what do you know about the different layers of your teeth? This knowledge is important because if you… Read more »

Your New Partial Requires Routine Care and Cleaning

Your new partial is designed to restore the full function and appearance of multiple missing teeth in one part of your mouth. While it is invulnerable to the effects of tooth decay, your partial will still require some routine care and cleaning, each day. Many people with a partial like to use denture adhesive for… Read more »