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Your toothbrush is a big part of taking care of your teeth. But in order for it to do its job, you need to take care of it! Here are a couple things you may not know about taking care of your toothbrush.  

Make sure that you are the ONLY one who uses your toothbrush, and that it is ONLY used for brushing your teeth. Toothbrush-sharing is extremely dangerous to your oral health. Sharing toothbrushes spreads food particles, debris, infection, germs, and disease. Never use your toothbrush to clean, or to do anything else other than brushing your own teeth. If your toothbrush becomes contaminated, throw it away and buy a new one.

Toothbrushes need to be replaced every 3-4 months, even if they look okay. Get a new brush sooner if the bristles on your former one look worn out or frayed. When buying a toothbrush, make sure the packaging is labeled with the ADA Seal of Acceptance. This label tells you that the product inside has passed rigorous testing for both safety and effectiveness. The toothbrush will have soft bristles, which will keep your teeth and gums from sustaining damage.

Support your hard work by visiting the dentist two times a year. This will make help catch any potential problems early. To schedule an appointment in the Norristown, Pennsylvania area, call Carp Dental at 610-275-1565. Dr. Brian Carp and our team will be happy to see you!